The Brights

Logan and Anna Rose went to a cute little bakery in the middle of San Antonio, Texas with plans to enjoy a morning pastry and delicious coffee. Although the pastries were devoured and coffee slurped to the end, what Logan and Anna Rose actually discovered was a stifled love for learning and writing about people and the world around them. Enter: BRIGHTBROADS.


This blog is made of three categories. WONDERWOMEN is comprised of interviews of women whom inspire Logan and Anna Rose BROADMINDED are pieces written after interviewing a group of individuals in hopes of expanding and challenging world views COLLECTIONS is filled with pieces written about a single topic aimed at discovering our identities



Anna Rose is very passionate about yoga, body positivity, and red wine. She loves to write about her exploration with mental health as well as ask questions she has no way of answering. Her favorite Sunday is spent hiking a trail or hunkering down at a coffee shop with pen and paper. She hopes her writing can offer compassion and connection to her readers.



Logan has a lot of questions about this world. She writes to reveal what inspires her and shares it in hopes someone else is inspired. She welcomes questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, inspirational quotes, coffees, gift cards, advice, the list could go on forever.

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Madison Grumbles is an explorer, a sister, and a life-long leaner! Spending time with friends is her fuel and coffee is her blood. She is so excited to be joining the broads in their quest to spread light! Madison designs graphics and writes for the BrightBroads blog and social media.