The Bullshit Measurement Index

I started the television show Shrill on Hulu a while back. And if you haven’t seen it, it’s my biggest recommendation right now. Not only does it center on the female experience, but the fat female experience. Which, I’m sure many of us can see, is not a perspective that is ever welcomed in media. Fat is seen as bad, unworthy, less than. If we put any other descriptive word in there e.g black, female, latino, etc. it would be discrimination plain and simple. So why is fat different? I think there is a lack of knowledge about it all. Shrill not only gives their audience knowledge, but allows them to see a different worldview, one that was never encouraged to accept or notice.

There is always more compassion to be found. There is always more acceptance to be given. And there is always a perspective on life we didn’t know before. So let’s raise some hell and get these perspectives noticed and talked about. Shrill amazes me and I love it. Sex Education on Netflix is another show that is bringing different ways of life to media. It’s sex positive, LGBTQ positive, and racially aware. No show is perfect; however, at least some shows are trying.

Not only has there been more attention in the media to mixing up who gets to be the white male lead of the show, but there is also more attention to businesses. Just the other day I learned that Whole Foods (yep…the mother land, y’all) is offering special benefits to those employees they deem healthier. This is measured on cholesterol level, smoking habits, blood pressure, and BMI. Yes, you read that correctly. Go google it, it’s a thing. There are people being treated differently because of their genes by their employers. Based on that sentence, that ain’t right. But it’s all wrapped up in health and wellness so no one takes notice, no one raises hell.

What is this definition of health and what is wellness and why is everyone so hell bent on making it a universal definition when no one’s health will look like another?

Logan Floyd